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Champion’s report of Sunday’s Power Legacy at GP Porto Alegre


Hey everyone, I’m Luciano Martin (aka Guma). I’m from Florianópolis-SC and I study Management at

the UFSC.

I have a Youtube channel about Magic called Guma Noob, which is focused in Legacy and Pauper,

even though I frequently play the Pauper format (I’m like a Pauper maniac, haha).

I chose to play with an Eldrazi deck because it is a very good one, as it is quite simple to begin with in

the format, and because I often play Pauper and I’m not familiarized with all the techs and

environment in Legacy format. I asked for help and some people came up with this deck (which

belongs to my buddy, Xis).

Despite I wanted to play Legacy really bad, I went to the GP more with the intention to interact with

the public that follows my Youtube channel and to help other youtubers around. Because of that, I

didn’t even thought so much about playing a long side event like Power Legacy. Maybe some drafts

or a three round Legacy. But my friends were so persistent that I end up by signing in at the end.




On the left, Sunday’s Power Legacy champion.


Lucky bye


Alex Primo Brustelin – Sneak and Show (0-2)

G1: Bad played and totally forgot to hit with [mtg_card]Mishra’s Factory[/mtg_card] at some point, and by the end of the

game I took him down to 1 life, but when his fate was to be decided, he topdecked an amazing

Sneak Attack and got down an Emrakul, leaving me with no permanents and with 5 life left. I started

thinking I still had some chance, because I had an Endless One in my hand, so any land would be a

threat to him. But I didn’t draw one in time, and he made a Griselbrand to finish the game.

Sideboard: (+4 Thorn of Amethyst, +2 Hatchet Bomb,+2 All is Dust, -4 Endless One, -2 Umezawa’s

Jitte, -2 Dismember)

G2: I was pretty aggressive with Mimics and Revokers (naming Sneak Attack) until he put down a

Blood Moon. Then I missed a chance to cast a Warping Wail to create a token in response, cause I

wanted to keep it to counter Show and Tell, but with a Blood Moon on the table I wouldn’t ever be

able to cast colorless cards (only if my draws would be exactly an Elvish Spirit Guide followed by a

Worldbreaker). I took him to 1 life again with my Revokers and Mimics, but at the very last turn he

played Engineered Explosives for 2, wiping my table out, followed by Sneak Attack to Emrakul. I was

at 14 life because of the Ancient Tombs and that was the end of it. I didn’t deserve to win anyway…

Two crucial mistakes that made me lose both games. Well, I learned my lesson. Let us move on.


4-color Loam (2-1)

G1: I started playing a [mtg_card]Chalice[/mtg_card] for 1, which didn’t troubled my opponent AT ALL, who also uses the

same card in the main deck and are almost dead cards (if it was a Chalice for 2 it would be awesome,

because it breaks the Loams and Punishing Fires, as well as eventual Bobs). He ended up by playing a

Reliquary and got Dark Depths for the combo. No time for me to put down the Endbringer, to hold

up the 20/20.

Sideboard: (+4 Leyline of the Void, +2 Pithing Needle, +2 All is Dust, +1 Worldbreaker, – 4 Chalice of

the Void, -3 Warping Wail, -2 Umezawa’s Jitte)

G2: LEYLINE! My initial hand had it, and an Urborg! Started with it on the field and it totally held up

the two Loams he had in his hand. Plus, his Reliquary was only a 2/2, which didn’t survive my


Soon he got to destroy my Leyline using Golgari Charm and raised the Reliquary to 4/4. But thanks to

the Urborg I could bring down my second Leyline of the Void. He managed to hold up the game

pretty well because I was busy getting a Maze of Ith. Then I could play an Endbringer before he got

the combo with Depths, so my “planeswalker” kept giving him some damage “pings” while at the

other turn I tapped an insistent Maze for his 20/20. As he was with low life, I managed to take the

game this way with no trouble.

G3: LEYLINE AGAIN! This time it stick to the table. I don’t remember much of this game,

unfortunately. My opponent started with a Mox discarding I-don’t- remember-what and a Baren

Moor on the table. He kinda stuck himself with a Mox and a black land. Next, I tried to play a

Revoker to stuck him a little more but he cast a Punishing Fire right after. I then saw his hand with

Thought Knot Seer, removed a Bob, that could give him advantage if he drew lands (he later

commented that he should have played the Bob instead of using the mana for the Punishing Fire. I

agree!). Later I removed a Liliana with another TKS. He then got a Diabolic Edict and I took him to 4

life and thought it would end there. I hit his Moor with Wasteland to remove any possible threat out

of the way; he got his draw and laughed. I was freezing, but it was a Dark Depths.


Stefano Silveira – Miracles (2-0)

G1: That was the most different game I ever played against a Miracles, because the main card of the

game was a Jitte, which technically is ineffective against it. But it managed to kill all the threats he

put down in this game. First, I played a Tomb and a Revoker naming Sensei’s Divining Top, then

equipped Jitte and hit, which he blocked with a Monastery Mentor, because if I hit him the Mentor

would die anyway. It was just about removing two counters from Jitte. Then the Jitte stopped him to

keep Snapcaster to give him a blocker for my other Revoker (which I played later). He continued with

the bad luck and having bad draws, with no Sword to Plowshares showing up. On the other hand,

me, with all the luck, just hit with a 6/5 Revoker every turn, without any complications.

Sideboard: (+4 Thorn of Amethyst, +2 All is dust, +1 Pithing Needle, +1 Worldbreaker, -4 Endless

One, -2 Jitte, -2 Dismember.) [If I had seen a Blood Moon or Back to Basics, I would go in with +2

Ratchet Bombs and would remove 1 Land and 1 Needle.]

G2: He played a Top and passed the turn, and I started trying a Chalice for 1, but got a Force of Will

on it. Next turn I could play a Thorn of Amethyst, which slows him down pretty good. He played

Engineered Explosives for zero, which didn’t affect me at all, because I didn’t have a Chalice or an

Endless one at the table (and they didn’t show up until the end of the game anyway). Everything was

doing great for me: he was down to 10 life, a Top on the table, a Terminus for topdeck and his hand

was one Snapcaster and a Jace TMS, which I saw with TKS. I had Cavern of Souls, a Mimic and a TKS

(hitting 6). However, I got a little hasty wanting to finish the game that turn and miscalculated the

mana I had to cast a Warping Wail after a Smasher. That extra mana was because of my own Thorn

of Amethyst. Because of that, I couldn’t counter his Terminus. From that moment on, he controlled

the game pretty well with the Top and cast two more Terminus in a row, followed by Swords to

Plowshares hitting my Smashers so he didn’t die. He got down to 5 life but didn’t got below that, but

I had Eye of Ugin and 7 extra mana that were basically giving me an entire Eldrazi per turn, which

was always Worldbreaker, breaking his white mana sources. Actually, I should have broken his red

mana sources, because if he found a Blood Moon, things could have been nasty and I would not

come back from that. Nevertheless, hitting with the Worldbreaker I forced him to look for his fourth

Terminus, but it never came. Thus, I won the match against the Legacy 2016 National Champion, and

a great friend.


Wagner – Jund (2-1)

Last round, I was 3-1. Wished I could get an ID just to enter the Top 8, but I was the worst between

the ones with 9 points and was at 8 th place. There was a player at 9 th who had 7 points and had

better standings than me. For those reasons, I had to play. The bright side is that If I won I could

choose whoever starts some matches during the Top 8.

G1: Got a Chalice for 1 resolved as soon as the match started, which stuck his 2 Deathrite Shamans

Wagner had in his hand. The game flowed greatly in my favor, but a Hymn to Tourach discarding a

Smasher and Dismember changed it all. I was now with two lands in my hand and nothing more. My

luck was on the next draws: TKS, a Jitte and a Reality Smasher. Then the beatdown was strong. A

Smasher equipped with Jitte was enough to take down a 5/6 Goyf and a Liliana. There was no match

for the Eldrazi fury!

Sideboard: (+2 All is Dust, +2 Ratchet Bomb, -2 Endless One, -1 Chalice, -1 Elvish Spirit Guide)

G2: Shaman on turn 1 on his side. I start mine with Ancient Tomb and Warping Wail hitting the

Shaman. Next turn he plays Grove of the Burnwillows and does nothing. Then I play a Chalice for 1

and a Mimic. He kills my mimic with Punishing Fire, plays a Bob and I get down a 5/5 Endless One.

Pass the turn and he can’t handle my creature yet. Therefore I manage to attack with it and he goes

down to 15, bob reveals a land, I play TKS and see more lands, another Bob, another Punishing Fire

and Toxic Deluge, removing the last one. I then attack again and he goes down to 10. Bob reveals

another land and he cracks a fetch. 9 life now. On my turn I attack only with Endless One so I don’t

lose TKS, but he is destroyed by an Abrupt Decay. The game becomes more balanced. Bob takes him

down to 7 revealing another Bob, which he puts down on the table, making the game very

interesting now. Useless draw for me and pass. Bobs reveal Shaman and a land. 6 life.

He goes on by hitting with one of the Bobs while I can’t attack over his Bob with TKS. There’s a

moment when he gets down to 4 life and has 2 Bobs on the table. I choose not to attack with the

TKS because it was all he ever wanted, so he would just block with a Bob, lose it and guarantee his

survival a little longer than expected (and killing my TKS with the damage of Punishing Fire). During

his turn the Bobs reveal, for the amusement of all the people that were watching: TWO LANDS! (how

wonderful those Bobs were?). So he continues with 4 life. Then attacks with one of the Bobs again, I

let it through so I don’t lose my creature again. He passes the turn, I draw squat and pass.

In an exciting turn, the Bobs reveal a Golgari Charm and a Lightning Bolt, leaving him at the hang of

thread with ONE life. Bob attacks and if that goes on I’ll lose the game, but he has 1 life, so COME

ON! I draw a land and pass it again. He plays the Golgari Charm to give his creatures -1/- 1 so he can

get rid of the Bobs and kills my TKS with double Punishing Fire. I start to get locked out because of

the Punishing Fire, don’t find anything and let’s go to G3.

G3: If the last game was long and thrilling, this one was nothing like it, haha. I start with Eldrazi

Temple and Mimic. He plays Badlands and passes. I play an Eye of Ugin and a Thought Knot Seer, he

hits the Mimic with Bolt in response of the TKS trigger, and with it I see 1 Goyf, 1 Liliana, 1 Bob, 1

Punishing Fire and lands, removing the Lili (cause I have Dismember and Wail to get rid of the Goyf

and the Bob). On his turn, he goes with land and Bob. I play a City of Traitors then and remove the

Bob with the Wail, play a 4/4 Endless One, Seer attacks and he goes down to 16. Getting sad because

of that, he plays a 2/3 Goyf, which I instantly remove with Dismember. On my turn I hit with the 2

Eldrazis, leaving him with 8 life. Next turn he finds nothing and concedes.

Deck used at the tournament



2 Miracles, 2 Eldrazi, 1 Infect, 1 BUG Delver, 1 BUG Control e 1 Sneak and Show!

I was ranked at 3 rd and my first opponent was the 6 th , which oddly was the same player I faced on the

second match. Alex Primo, with Sneak and Show, ultra bad match!


Alex Primo Brustelin – Sneak and Show (2-0)

G1: PAYBACK TIME!! Start with Eye of Ugin and Mimic, he plays a fetch and passes, I play an Urborg

and try a Chalice, but get a Spell Pierce. He plays Show and Tell, which I try to counter with Wail, but

he counters back with a Force of Will. With Show and Tell he gets down Omniscience and I put a TKS

on the battlefield. Then the Seer ability resolves and I remove Sneak Attack from his hand before he

could cast if for free with Omniscience (the other cards in his hand were a bunch of lands). I get

Reality Smasher down and can win the game next turn. He draws a Ponder, but finds nothing and

shuffles the deck. Apparently draws nothing and I get a relief when he passes and I can finish the


Sideboard: (+4 Thorn of Amethyst, +2 Ratchet Bomb, +2 All is Dust, -4 Endless One, -2 Jitte, -2


G2: He starts with Boseiju, then I had hopes for resolving a Chalice without taking a Spell Pierce or

Daze in response. Got the Chalice resolved and get ahead on the game, with TKS removing a Blood

Moon, on a hand that also had a Ponder, a Griselbrand and lands. If he had drawn a Show and Tell I

had an Endbringer to hold up the game, but couldn’t leave a Blood Moon in his hand no matter

what. He then has many bad draws and I keep on hitting until victory is on. I was lucky.


Bruno Fernando – BUG Delver (2-1)

G1: I was on play as well because he was on 7 th at the swiss. Start with Chalice for 1 and he doesn’t

react because it took a while for the Abrupt to come. Then he resolves a Hymn to Tourach, which

removes the only 2 creatures I had in hand, leaving me only with the lands (this Hymns are auto

guided against me, unbelievable). But even after that, I manage to draw 2 Smashers in a row and get

a hold of the game for good. Where does all this luck come from? Dude…

Sideboard: (+2 All is Dust, + 2 Ratchet Bomb, +2 Thorn of Amethyst, -2 Revoker, -2 Endless One, -2


G2: He plays a Delver on turn 1 and flips it turn 2. I was silly not spending my Wail on turn one and

choose to play a Mimic. He then destroys my lands and my creatures and I can’t remove the Delver

until I have 5 life, when I manage to resolve a Ratchet Bomb, but it was too late. I break the Delver

and got down to 2 life, thinking I’m about to turn over the game, but he resolves a True Name

Nemesis, to my sorrow. An All is Dust would save me there, but it doesn’t come. GG.

G3: In this game the bad luck was interesting between both parts. I started with an Ancient Tomb

and he goes with a Wasteland on it. I play an Eye of Ugin and pass. He destroys it. Next turn I play

another Tomb and pass. He plays Underground Sea and Delver. At his pass, I hit the Delver with

Warping Wail and on my turn I played a 4/4 Endless One. Next turn he didn’t play a land and passed.

Already had tuned my mind on it. He was kinda screwed. I had another Wasteland in my hand.

Destroyed his land and started hitting with my 4/4. He got his draw and took a long turn. I thought I

was going to win there, but he found a Misty Rainforest and passed. I drew a Thorn of Amethyst and

played it. He cast FoW removing a Daze and I kept hitting until he got locked with a single land (he

later showed me his hand and told me he was trying to resolve a Life from the Loam, that would take

him back to the game). My 4/4 acted like a Delver and won the game alone, because there was no

time for Bruno to find anything to remove it from the battlefield, since his hand only had drops 3 and

2. I was at the final barely believing on was happening, hahaha.


Rafael Obrusnik – Infect (2-1)

G1: The final was about to start with one of the coolest guys I know: Rafael Obrusnik, who is one of

the organizers of Legacy RS. I start with Temple and remove the Guide to cast a Chalice for 1 that

resolves. I’m cool because there I can stop many threats from Infect. However, Infect is an

unpredictable deck, and he manages to cast Blighted Agent and Inkmoth, which finish me with

Invigorate and Become Immense in a matter of moments.

Sideboard: (+2 Ratchet Bomb, + 2 Thorn of Amethyst, + 1 Pithing Needle, -2 Endbringer, -1 Elvish

Spirit Guide, -2 Endless One)

G2: In this game, I succeeded in being aggressive and my opponent got stuck only one land, which

made things pretty easy for me. I removed his Glistener Elf with Warping Wail and he couldn’t find

any threats, so I quickly got that win.

G3: This was one of the most strained games I’ve ever played. We both looked at our starting hands

for like 2 minutes, thinking about whether we kept them or not. It was a very uncomfortable silence

between and around us, haha.

He started with a Gitaxian Probe and I, for his relief, didn’t have any Chalice of the Void, which was

his biggest fear. He kept a hand without counters and full of drop 1 cards. He then played a land and

a Noble and I put a Temple and cast an 2/2 Endless One. Next, he cast a Glistener Elf and another

Noble, attacking with the other one, which was a 2/3 due to Exalted ability. I took the damage

without thinking. Put an Eye of Ugin in play and cast a TKS. Now both of us have our hands revealed.

I removed a Become Immense and saw another Noble and another Glistener Elf in his hand. Passed

the turn without attacking. He cast the Noble and the Elf, attacked with the 4/4 Elf, which I blocked

with my seer. Both died and he got another draw. With two unknown cards in hand, he passed the

turn. I played a Smasher and attacked. I saw that it was my chance to be more agro before he could

draw a final pump. At my pass, he got a Decay hitting my Endless, hit with the 4/4 elf on his turn and

I was then with 4 poison counters. I asked him: “Am I dead yet?” and he answered: “Not yet!”. I kept

drawing a lot of lands and things were started to look complicated, because the Smasher alone

couldn’t stop the Infect. I had a Mishra’s Factory, which can become a creature to block, but I

needed more. Even though, I made a mistake and attacked with the Smasher, then tried to remove

the Elf with Warping Weil after the damage (I should have done it before the attack), but he didn’t

have any counters or pumps to keep the Elf on the battlefield, only an Echoing Truth, which he used,

(it would delay him on one more turn) returning the Elf to his hand. He then put the Elf on the

battlefield again and passed the turn. I drew another TKS and removed his last card in hand, which

was a Krosan Grip, and then I hit with the Smasher and the Mishra’s Factory, taking him down to 2

life, because he blocked the Factory with a Noble. At the decisive turn, he got his draw and attacked

with a 3/3 Elf, thanks to the 2 remaining Nobles. I instantly blocked with the TKS, he gave me a

handshake and I’d just become the Sunday’s POWER LEGACY CHAMPION of GP Porto Alegre!

I wasn’t believing when all the people around me was congratulating me. It was indeed one of the

happiest moments of my life. Legacy is, no doubt, a format where the folks are very united and I was

witnessing that on that very moment. Despite all the errors, the deck was enlightened and I

managed to get that far. I admit some side-ins could have been much better, but as I said before, I

was very lucky and that was my day! I will never forget this Power Legacy. Thank you so much to

everyone that was cheering for me, gave me support and tips, and we’ll see each other soon at any

other championship around Brazil. Big hug, guys!

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