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Elton Bragança recebendo a premiação pelo título da Alpha Legacy conquistado neste domingo (28)

Delver, Standstill and Storm triumph this Legacy-weekend

The post-ban Delver still looks amazing. This is the first reading on the 21th Alpha Legacy edition, played this sunday (28), on Magic Store Brasil (Rio de Janeiro/RJ). From the 7 decks basead on this archetype who were present on this tournament, nothing less than four made it into the 8 best placed at the end of six rounds (there was no cut for the top8).

“I came to the tournament hoping to find a filed full of decks with a very fragile mana base”, said the champion Elton Bragança, who played with Grixis Delver. “So I was betting on the Wasteland/Stifle/Daze combination”, He said.


Elton Bragança, Alpha Legacy’s champion, taken this Sunday (28)

After the ban on [mtg_card]Sensei’s Divining Top[/mtg_card], one of the best decks in the format, Miracles, which used and abused from basic lands, had lost it’s main reason of existence. The new control decks, which had appeared as an immediate alternative right after the ban, like Leovold or 4C Leovold, do not need that much basic lands.

The tournament in Rio counted with the presence of 42 players, awarding the champion with an Alliances Force of Will, a trophy, bye2 for the GP Las Vegas and an exclusive playmat from Eternal Magic.

The tournament’s beggining was exciting, with a lot of balance between combo, control and aggro. Until the start of the fourth round we had Infect and Omnitell on the first tables, but from there on the Delvers had stood up and few decks managed to advance. As a result we had only 2 midrange/control on the top8 and all the other places taken by Delver decks and an Eldrazi.

To Rodrigo Sousa, the Marajá, today’s stage had overcome all the expectations, mainly because it ran on a Sunday (it generally runs on Saturdays). “We had 42 players and a very diverse field . As usual, everything was smooth. On Alpha Legacy, despite everybody’s playing to win, the friendship environment prevails”, asserts him.

Marajá, who also played and ended up in 2nd place, analyzed the post-ban field. “It seems to me that the metagame had already adapted to the Top’s ban. The games are more dynamic and well-disputed. Only today I had experienced some wild twists. It was awesome!”, concluded.

Top8 Alpha Legacy:

1 – Elton Bragança – Grixis Delver
2 – Rodrigo Sousa Marajá – Esper Deathblade
3 – Cauê Costa – Eldrazi
4 – Yuri Molina – Grixis Delver
5 – Phellipe Ribeiro – Grixis Delver
6 – Gralha – UWR Delver
7 – Gustavo Pacheco – Bug Delver
8 – André Felipe – Jund

Circuito Legacy Catarinense – CLC

The play that gave the CLC title to Eduardo Kress this sunday (28)


In Santa Catarina we had a very different perspective, with two combo decks – 2×1 victory from TES versus Turbo Depths. The other Top8 decks were: Manaless Dredge, Sneak and Show, Elves, 4c Leovold and two Burns. That is, more than half of the playoffs composed by combos, just one midrange/control and two aggro.

The Blumenau stage of Circuito Legacy Catarinense had taken 49 players to battle for a beautiful awarding list : A Tundra and a Dark Confidant for the champion, an Unlimited Badlands  for the second place, Flusterstorm for the Top4 and Vendilion Clique for the Top8.

According to the CLC organizer, everything had occured within the expected, but the number od participants had surprised him. “Despite the rainy day, the numbers were really high. I want to take the opportunity to thank the streaming guys, Guma (from Gumanoob channel) and Carlos (one of the pioneers of streaming in the country, at PvP store), who gave us a hell of a hand”, said.

Top8 Circuito Legacy Catarinense:

1 – João Vítor de Bem – Burn
2 – Rodrigo Frischknetch – Burn
3 – Ernani Freiberger – Manaless Dredge
4 – José Zili Jr – Turbo Depths
5 – Fabiano Lucindo – Sneak and Show
6 – Eduardo Kress – TES
7 – Fernando Cabral – 4c Leovold
8 – Natanael Souza – Elves

Liga Mineira de Legacy

Top8 from Liga Mineira de Legacy this sunday (28)


If Delvers had prevailed in Rio and in Santa Catarina it was all about the combos, in Minas Gerais the control and midrange decks had more space: no less than five top8 positions, which was completed by Delver, Burn and Elves.

The champion, Matheus Alves dos Santos, took the trophy home with his UR Standstill. “I found the deck was excellent for the meta. Great against combos, sonteblades and delvers… not to mention that Standstill is my favorite card”, affirms, recalling that he was lucky not to have found any Eldrazi on the way.

The tournament for the Liga Mineira de Legacy had stood out by the diversity on the field, which counted with 21 different archetypes between the 31 players that were at UG Card Shop neste domingo.

To the organizer, Thiago Duarte, the big surprise beyond Standstill was Portent Miracles, a deck that uses the old cantrip combined with Predict and Unexpectedly Absent to dodge the absence of Sensei’s Divining Top, win time and control the board.

“He had proved to be strong enough to deal with the open meta by reaching top8″, he said, highlighting the presence of Burn, Death & Taxes and the Stoneblade variations inside the championship.

Top8 Liga Mineira de Legacy

1 – Matheus Alves dos Santos – UR Standstill
2 – Bruno Lorenzato – Elves
3 – Rodrigo Amormino – Dark Maverik
4 – Sergio Lanza – BUG Delver
5 – Henrique Belumat – Death & Taxes
6 – Thiago Mata Duarte – UW Miracles
7 – Heitor Miranda – Death & Taxes
8 – Thiago Pimentel – Burn

Putting together the numbers from São Paulo and Brasília, which have performed tournaments this Saturday (27/5), the weekend has put 148 Legacy players into motion throughout five cities, being 49 in Blumenau (SC), 42 in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and 31 in Belo Horizonte (MG). Eternal Magic held the real-time coverage of the last three of them in it’s facebook page, together with Legacy dos Moicanos, Guma Noob and Diarioplaninalta.

From the analysis of these three tournaments, it is appropriate to say that Legacy has today a developing field, completely open to experimentations, where any archetype has its chance to win, no favorites taken at any side whatsoever. More than that: inside traditional archetypes there is a big and wide approach for the creation of new decks or an enhancement of the ones that already exist.

Check below the metagame breakdown for the tournaments performed this sunday (28):

Metagame from Alpha Legacy:

4 Grixis Delver
3 Jund
3 Death & Taxes
2 Esper blade
2 Burn
2 Infect
2 Merfolk
2 BR Reanimator
2 UWx Control (RIP+Helm)
2 Elfos
1 Omnitell
1 UWR delver
1 UR delver
1 Bug delver
1 Sneak attack
1 Maverick
1 Big Red
1 Pox
1 Eldrazi
1 Storm ANT
1 Belcher
1 Food Chain
1 4c loam
1 Turbo depths
1 Affinity
1 All spells
1 Fractius

Metagame from Circuito de Legacy Catarinense:

5 Grixis Delver
5 Burn
4 BR Reanimator
3 Death & Taxes
3 Sneak and Show
3 BUG Leovold
2 Eldrazi
2 Dark Maverick
2 Manaless Dredge
2 Turbo Depths
2 Elves
1 Infect
1 Eldrazi and Taxes
1 Shardless BUG
1 UR Delver
1 Tezzerator
1 Esper Stoneblade
1 RUG Delver
1 Dredge
1 UB Reanimator
1 UWR Tempo
1 Omnitell
1 4c Leovold

Metagame from Liga Mineira de Legacy:

3 Infect
3 Death & Taxes
3 Burn
2 Eldrazi
2 Uwr Stoneblade
2 Bug Delver
1 Portent Miracles
1 Elves
1 Zombardment
1 Dark Maverick
1 Esper Stoneblade
1 Grixis Delver
1 Goblins
1 Bant Stoneblade
1 Ur Landstill
1 Belcher
1 Sneak and show
1 Lands
1 Ub reanimate
1 Jund
1 Mud

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