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Dive into Legacy

Welcome duelists from all over the multiverse. Another week has come and with it a new post on the column Duel’s In Time for Eternal Magic. This time we will dive into Legacy.

Many times Legacy eds up by being a polarized game, in which we let some prejudices take away some fun moments.
In an attempt to break this barrier, I will create today a tiny Legacy guide. From how to start in the format to mount what pleases you the most inside a competition and a general view over the Legacy championships that were recently set in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte e Santa Catarina, which counted with the coverage from Eternal Magic in this link, and the top 8 from ChannelFireBall Legacy $3K.

Legacy is an eternal format, in which there’s no card restriction by its age or look, but by its power and interaction level with the rest of the collection. The format has some banned cards due to their high power, in a way to ensure the balance and allow for a healthy and equal development between decks and archetypes.

I understand Legacy as the easiest format that allows you to understand the game, for it only takes a pal to have a bunch of old cards full of dust to begin with the fun.

After understanding the basic mechanics from the game, as the wish for evolving grows, it’s time to look for the formats which engage in tournaments and where the interaction level among players is bigger.

Through the line of “old cards”, we can follow the track of Legacy Pauper, which is Diego Nunes territory, and I suggest you to accompany the Paupiteio column for more into this.

The Legacy environment is composed by a huge amount of decks, some well-known, other still being developed. In my post about tiers I talked about some of them, but I don’t believe it is possible to map every single one of them. But more than that, I think is impossible to define the best of them. We can then consider that the best deck is the one that pleases you the most, wheter ir for its aggro characteristics or a more control one, some card combination or even a middle-term between one or another. So, to start at the competitive scenario, I suggest to observe the championships and thread posts so you can find a deck that fits your game style.

An important thing to highlight is that some cards, for having limited print runs, associated with a recurring demand based on the popularity of some decks, will certainly have dynamic prices. So it’s important to have a lot of calm and patience to finish that one deck that will bring you lots of stories, long hours of fun and tournament results. Or even to look for strategies that match your strategy.

At a next opportunity I will approach financial strategies to build some decks, but first, let’s take a look at the championships that took place in 05/28 to see some of the decks that compose this Legacy universe (or multiverse).

As seen through the coverage of the events Alpha Legacy, CLC and LML, there were 121 players distributed between 46 decks, some known, some not so much, according to the image below:

Beyond the ones listed above, as there were few units, but not less important, we have: 4c Leovold, 4c Loam, Affinity, All spells, Bant Stoneblade, Eldrazi and Taxes, Food Chain, Fractius, Goblins, Lands, Maverick, Portent Miracles, Pox, RUG Delver, Shardless BUG, Tezzerator, Ur Landstill, UWR Delver, UWR Tempo and Zombardment.

It’s worth to remember that these decks, despite the low presence, have a high level of representativeness on the competitive ambient. There may not have a lot of them at these tournaments, but you can certainly expect to bump some of them sooner or later.

Between the Top8 from all those championships, there are decks for all kinds of tastes, which confirms what I stated above: Entre os top8 destes campeonatos há decks para todos os gostos, o que confirma o que mencionei acima: “Legacy is an eternal format, (with)… balance and allow for a healthy and equal development between decks and archetypes“.

Speaking of Top8, the same decks that were present in brazilian championships had figured on ChannelFireBall Legacy $4K Top 8 as well. With 98 participants, the tournament was won by a deck that has the strategy to cast a sequence of spells for the fatal “storm”. It’s an amazing deck and we’ll certainly talk more about it around here.

So stay tuned in this column as I will come closer to deck strategies and finance tips so you can build up your deck and dive into Legacy.

Hugs and until next week.

Schedule for the upcoming events:

6th stage from Legacy RS – 04/06/17
Place: Pharaoh’s Shop – Rua Bento Goncalves, 2173, Novo Hamburgo – RS
Subscription: R$ 40,00

22th Alpha Legacy – 10/06/17
Place: Magic Store Brasil – Rua Conde de Bonfim, 485, slj 204 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Subscription: R$ 35,00

More info on each association’s website.

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