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Hot championship in Santa Catarina, played “ad nauseam”

The 4th stage of Circuito de Legacy Catarinense (CLC) took place this Sunday, 28th, in Blumenau, at the nice Casa de Ruter Store. Nothing less than 49 players showed up, taking the place completely. As the hours passed by, the temperature had risen up, with two Burn players burning every single opponent that standed over them. At the end of six rounds, the Top8 was with two monoreds taking the first and second positions, witch was very different than usual. Another surprise was the absence of any Grixis on the playoffs. Nexto to the burns, it was the most popular deck on this champ, with 5 copies each.

From this point on the heat wave has been put aside, and a storm started to take form into the horizon. Piloting his The Epic Storm with great skill – and, of course, counting with the old friend ‘lucky’ eventually – Eduardo Kress began to make a rain of goblins, and everybody freaked out. His three last matches were filled with emotion and, as the deck’s name says, epic moves.

Leaving the opponent on the void.

After qualifying in 6th place, with a 4-1-1 score, Kress faced, on quarter finals, the Manaless Dredge of Makuna, a mythic player from Blumenau. When the match was at 1 x 1, he was surprised by a [mtg_card]Force of Will[/mtg_card] while attempting to get a combo on turn 1. He survived three more turns and was able to, finally, finish the game.

At the semi finals, he was paired against Dido’s Burn, last local player on the ranks and the last hope for the monored’s team, since João Vitor de Bem, from Florianópolis, first place in the suiss rounds, was eliminated by Nata’s Elves, from Rio do Sul. Game one was quite easy, with 16 goblins on turn one. But [mtg_card]Eidolon of the Great Revel[/mtg_card] which wanted to keep the pan hot, guaranteed the 1 x 1 and led Kress to 1 life at game 3. And because of this one point he reached the finals.

“Anybody called us for the party?”

The guy from Joinville, who has in his career a vice-champion post at the National Legacy, met José Zili Jr., from Florianópolis at the finals, the one responsible for his only defeat on swiss rounds. Zili Jr. was playing Turbo Depths and looked for the second title on the season. And at the third and decisive game, it looks like this would be the end.

With two [mtg_card]Chalice of the Void[/mtg_card] on the board – one to zero and another to one – Kress was completely locked, and just an [mtg_card]Echoing Truth[/mtg_card] could save his skin. At the turn before Chalice for 1 was played, he played a sloppy [mtg_card]Ponder[/mtg_card], failing to find anything usefull, and shuffled to draw an…. [mtg_card]Echoing Truth[/mtg_card]. That’s how he ensured his way to win his first title on the history of the CLC. Not without high thrills, of course, because he had cast an [mtg_card]Ad Nauseam[/mtg_card] which tanked him to 3 life until he could combo for the final victory.

Click here to see how the victorious path of Eduardo Kress went along.

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