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Triumph of Information

Kress always liked to play Storm. At 2013’s National Legacy, he reached the finals with an ANT, but didn’t resist to RUG Delver, a deck that ruled that champ. After that, he conquered lots of Top8’s, but never got a win. That win came at the last weekend, but it began to be conquered a long time ago, with a lot of study. The change from ANT into TES was, at least part of it, because of his involvement with the Epic Storm community. “This is the larger and better community, and the idea of Bryant Cook in creating an specific website for this deck, the Facebook community, helped a lot to preparing for this tournament”, says mr. Kress. At theepicstorm.com and FB, each card is studied, and each play is meticulously discussed.

Another point is, of course, the ban of [mtg_card]Sensei’s Divining Top[/mtg_card], witch took Miracles off tier 1. “Without Miracles, combo in turn 1 for goblins doesn’t seems a bad idea, and the amount of [mtg_card]Chalice of the Void[/mtg_card] and combos at Circuito de Legacy Catarinense (CLC) demands an aggressiveness ANT doesn’t have”, explains the champion, who took home a [mtg_card]Tundra[/mtg_card]Tundra and a [mtg_card]Dark Confidant[/mtg_card].

Round by round

In first place, Kress faced the X. For those who doesn’t know him, X, also called Alex Wehrmeister, is the creator of CLC and TO until last season, when passed the scepter to take care of National Legacy. “I have a lot of respect for X as a player, and a should remark his bad luck when mulligan into 4 in the first game and didn’t have the right sideboard on game two made things easy for me”, tells him.

On second round, Kress faced Bruno, from Tubarão, who was playing ANT. [mtg_card]Telemin Performance[/mtg_card] showed its value on this tight victory by 2 x 1. Third round, another difficult match, this time against Marvin, from Florianópolis, who was playing Sneak and Show. In his first game, Kress was forced to combo after a [mtg_card]Show and Tell[/mtg_card] into [mtg_card]Emrakul, the Aeons Torn[/mtg_card]. On second game he lost for multiples counterspells and a [mtg_card]Griselbrand[/mtg_card] – but on third one he counted with a mulligan of the opponent to combo in first turn.

MOAR cards!

Moments of tension on round four, when he found his only defeat along the tournament. “I don’t remember of the first two games, but on third I mad a safe play, casting [mtg_card]Empty the Warrens[/mtg_card] for 10 goblins. In my second attack he exiled a [mtg_card]Elvish Spirit Guide[/mtg_card] and made Marit Lage, blocked a Goblin, tanked into 1 life and killed me on his next turn”, regrets the champion. The match that assured his qualifying into Top8 was a victory, once again 2 x 1, against Leo Mattos, from Balneário Camboriú, playing Dark Maverick. On the last round an ID with Fabiano Lucindo (from Florianópolis, playing Sneak and Show), made him pass on sixth place.

Top-8 with a lot of emotions 

Playing against Manaless Dredge, getting a [mtg_card]Force of Will[/mtg_card] in game 3 and still win is who’s destiny to be a champion. “This match can be seen at Luciano Guma’s Twitch. Props to the deck, witch gave me on top deck after another until I reach the victory”, he remarks.

At the semi finals, with an [mtg_card]Eidolon of the Great Revel[/mtg_card] on the other side, he combo into six goblins e moved into attack, always letting a blocker. He was behind – 3 x 12 – and, when attacked to equalize the life points, he twisted as never to Dido don’t draw a [mtg_card]Fireblast[/mtg_card].

And, on the finals, he got back from a game considered lost, with an [mtg_card]Echoing Truth[/mtg_card] returning two [mtg_card]Chalice of the Void[/mtg_card] into José Zili’s hand. “The most difficult moment was the third game of the semi finals, when we both were at 1 life. But the most important play was the [mtg_card]Echoing Truth[/mtg_card] in this moment when the game was pending completely for my opponent”, says Kress.

Put aside this chalice!

“Microphone is yours”

On the right, the champion. Besides him, Muy, the TO, who played Landstill without success.

“I would like to congrats the CLC’s organizers, especially Muy, the guys who streamed and the players that are making this great tournament we got this year! We are travelling to beautiful places and the prizes are awesome. We also have chips! The players are showing up, and every month we have a great event, witch is a competitive tournament and a celebration of the people from Santa Catarina.

I can’t forget Eternal Magic for it’s effort for Legacy in Brazil. See histories in the website covering soo many events give us a cheer and will help to spread the events in the whole country” – Eduardo Kress, champion of 4ª CLC.


Want to know more about the weekend that gathered 148 Legacy players in Brazil in the last weekend? Take a look here. More details about this 4ª CLC, here.

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