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Stores move fortune in GP

by Fausto de Souza
Las Vegas – One of the main attention focuses of players and collectors in each GP is the space dedicated to the stores. It is as if it were a great exposition of cards, where one could see a little bit from everything.
There’s a guy looking after some P9 with a plowshare!

To gain access to this space you don’t have to buy the ticket for the main event, not even for any of the parallels. Just walk into the hall and stroll through the plethora of colors and prices.

Foil cards, antiques or with languages that are difficult to find are quite frequent in events like GP Vegas. According to the event’s organization, something around 7 thousand different people were here between Wednesday and Sunday.

This Lightning Bolt costs half a red mana

And the financial spin is impressive. Shopkeepers buy more than they sell. The average is $50,000 per store for purchases and $35,000 for sales, meaning it’s an important space for replenishing your inventory with cards from people all around the world.

Lands in real estates can be cheaper than this…

Considering that in this GP there were 33 registered stores, the total spin that they generated was about $ 2,800,000 dollars. Yes, two million and eight hundred thousand dollars, something around 10 million reais.

Double or nothing!

According to Eli Kassis, associate of Bazaar of the Benevolent Monk, one of the stores accredited with GP Vegas, the most sought letters are foils in foreign languages. “Usually players want to pimp their Commander decks”, he says.

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