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Reizon, de camisa preta, preparando alguma maldade para o incauto oponente

Champion in João Pessoa, Reizon is a Death and Taxes fan

A couple of days before becoming champion of the first stage of Lampions League, Legacy circuit that gathers players from Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco, Reizon Rodrigues followed the Legacy GP final in Las Vegas. “Guess which team I’m cheering for?” Asks the player, who loves playing with Death and Taxes, the champion deck back in the USA. “I don’t like combo decks, I love games with interaction on the battlefield, and that’s what Death and Taxes has to offer”, explains Reizon, who eventually plays with other fair decks, “but I always come back sooner or later to Death and Taxes”. The stage took place on June 18 at Mulligan Geek Store, in João Pessoa (PB).

Being a player since 2005, he stopped and returned in 2010, “thanks to my great friend Ramiro”, he recalls. He says the idea of Lampions came up when Northeastern players heard about the success of the circuits in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. “Alex Martins started asking the players what did they think about doing something similar here. At this moment the best part of Magic prevails, which is the friendship between players. It’s hard work to bring together people from three states, but we made a great partnership, setting up rides so everyone could participate”.

Not only did Reizon and Alex get excited about the outcome of the first stage. The excitement was with everyone. “I checked on the smile of each player’s face at the end of the championship, guaranteed fun”, he celebrates. The next stage is scheduled for July 9, and will be held at Geek Pit in Recife, a store to which Reizon attends regularly and is only compliments.

According to Reizon and Alex, the players’ greatest difficulty is the distance between cities, but they also remember us that the price of the format and the lack of support from Wizards of the Coast is an obstacle for the appearance of new players. To play the first stage, the champion did something unheard of, which was to cross his state border i order to play Magic. “It was a great experience because I found decks that I do not usually face in Recife and I was able to exchange experiences with other players”.

In addition to Legacy, Reizon plays Modern mainly, but for him, there is no favorite format. “My favorite format is Magic! I often say that we have support all formats, because the cool thing, after all, is to play and have fun with friends”, he says, noting that Modern is the one he plays the most in his state, with regular championships held at Geek Pit.

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