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Counter Company is champion of the 4th Mhysteria Modern, in Rio

Two weeks ago, Wendell Lemos was thrilled that Mhysteria Modern’s fourth stage in Rio de Janeiro would take place on a date with no competition from other Magic events such as Game Days or GPs. The expectation was to hit the mark of the 50 participants, which happened loosely. No less than 67 players have engaged the seven rounds in the fight for the [mtg_card]Tarmogoyf[/mtg_card], reserved for the champion. And who took it, unbeaten, was Filipe Ambrosini, who played with the new sensation of the format, Counter Company, or GW Counters. And it’s always good to remember that this event, which took place at the Magic Store Brasil, is not just about Magic: The Gathering. Part of the money raised and the donation of 1kg of non-perishable food by the players helps charity institutions.

Filipe Ambrosini, with the Goyf in hand, didn’t give a chance for anybody

“The organization always put up a show. Their initiative in helping others must be, and always will be, boosted by us players, because it is essential to help those who need it, “explains the champion, who is a welder and, “when possible, Magic player”.

Filipe tells us he chose the deck because of the versatility it has in goal. “As the field is very diverse in Mhysteria Modern, it is important to play well against all decks that show up”, he explains. But it was not easy, especially against Grixis [mtg_card]Death’s Shadow[/mtg_card], Eldrazi and Taxes and Jund. “They are decks with enough removals and a complicated clock. Against Eldrazi, what saved me was Collected Company. As always, it was sensational”, celebrated Filipe, who started playing Magic during the Onslaught block and stopped around Kamigawa , returning to the activities in Theros. Today, he is dedicated to Modern, since it is the format which he is most identified.

And when saying that the goal is diversified in the Mhysteria, Filipe may be more than certain. Out of 67 players, there were no fewer than 42 different archetypes. The lists with the decks that formed the Top 8 will be published soon, according to the organization. Once this happens, Eternal Magic will make the link available.

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