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Eternal Magic at GP Vegas

Between the 14th and 18th of this month, Eternal Magic will make a very special journalistic coverage: we’ll be counting with a reporter in Las Vegas, USA, to inform our readers of everything that will be going on in all three GPs.

A tournament like that is an unique event. For starters, Vegas had hit audience records in 2013 and 2015, and was the first city to gather, in a single event, 10,000 players in the main tournament.

With so many people together, the news and information interesting to readers do not only take place at the feature match tables, which will be broadcast by ChannelFireBall. Aside from the other thousands of tables, to which we will be connected all the time, the event will feature 37 artists, dozens of Cosplays and youtubers from around the world. Do not be surprised if Jesper Myrfors, Dan Frazier or Liz Danforth appear on your timeline to say “hi.”

Throughout the event, some drafts from historical sets such as Zendikar, Ice Age, Mirage, Tempest and Urza Block will be taken. A true wonder apart, in which one can imagine the joy of the lucky ones that open some of the most iconic eternal staples.

To finish, no less than 33 sellers will be exposing their products, highlighting the singles we love to see. Surely we will show you pictures of these exhibitors, follow their movements throughout the day to tell you which staples are the most wanted and other curiosities. In fact, if there is any card that you figure is impossible to find in Brazil, leave the name here in the comments and we’ll go after it – maybe in the near future you can win it through a prize draw of ours.

Through our Facebook page we will publish real time flashes, with pics, texts and short videos. At the end of each day you can read, right here on the website, an exclusive report that will bring together the main features of it all, whether related to the main event or not. Because the time zone is not in our favor, these texts will be published at 7am of the following day, for five consecutive days.

Alligned with that, we will provide an intensive set of interviews with personalities, artists and professional players, all to be published during the weeks to be followed after the event. Once again, feel free to suggest names here in the comments. See you in Vegas!


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