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GP Vegas: Results of a collective journalistic effort

Las Vegas – It was pretty intense days in the desert of Nevada. The newly created Eternal Magic found itself facing its main challenge: to cover the largest Magic: The Gathering event on the planet. It is no small thing.

To do so, we mobilized all our efforts. The chief-editor of the mission was the journalist Paulo de Tarso, responsible for editing and final text of the information sent from Las Vegas by this reporter that speaks to you now. Arthur Cesar took on the immense responsibility of translating the material, while Nathalia Carneiro operated the miracle of multiplication in social networks.

Evidently, the coverage was oriented by Magic veterans such as Willy Edel, Hall of Fame member and Eternal Magic advisor, and Artur Vilela, a two-GP finalist and great human figure. Without these two guys we wouldn’t have hardly done it.

Although our team is reduced compared to the size of the event, the evaluation is the most positive. During the short time between Wednesday and Sunday, we aired no less than 34 stories, including reports, interviews, notes and articles, and counted 4,000 reactions (likes, shares or comments) on the Facebook page (@eternalmagic.br).

Our goal was only one: to bring quality information to readers. Those who accompanied the GP on the internet were able to add Eternal Magic to the already established menu, between sites, youtubers, facebookers and other communicators who are on the road before us. We came to add and strengthen the Brazilian community of Magic.

In this sense, I would say that the netizens knew how to recognize the effort made. Just during the GP Vegas period we had an exponential increase in site visits, going from 250 to 550 daily visits on average, an impressive 120% increase. Same thing on Facebook, where our page reached 40 thousand people in 31 posts, including videos, which had 7 thousand views.

Beyond all the material that we published, we made some special interviews that will still be launched: Dan Frazier, author of five out of the nine most powerful cards in the game (the moxes), Jesper Myrfors, Wizards first art director, Rob Alexander, author of dual lands, shock lands and other cards (along with the interview he did an exclusive illustration in an Eternal Magic playmat), Gavin Verhey, designer of Wizards of The Coast, and Joe Brennan, one of the best Vintage players nowadays – made top8 in 13 of the 14 largest tournaments in the United States this year.

At the end of this amazing moment, which was GP Vegas, we need to acknowledge and thank the sponsors we had in our first month of life. After all, thanks to them we were able to gather the necessary conditions to organize this coverage, just as they will be decisive for the next coverage, like the upcoming GP São Paulo and the Eternal Weekend, among other events.

So, thank you very much to Power9, Bazar de Bagdá, UG Cardshop, Magic Store Brasil and Cards of Paradise. We hope to continue counting on you, and also to expand our network of supporters to continually improve the quality of the raw material we offer daily to Magic: The Gathering fans: information.

Finally, congratulations to all Brazilians who have faced the challenge of going to Vegas to participate in this great Magic party. Both the players who played the main tournaments and those who traveled in a for fun profile, dedicating their time to get in touch with the artists or playing here and there some parallel tournament or other. It was truly five unforgettable days!

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