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LSV claims for a ban on Death’s Shadow

Just a week after covering GP Las Vegas, Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas moved into a sensible issue for all Magic: The Gathering lovers, especially those who play Modern: ban hammer. On the Saturday 23th, LSV published a video on YouTube claiming for the banning of Death’s Shadow. To Vargas, despite the fact Modern has a healthy metagame, a new addition to the deck, Claim // Fame, uncommon from Hour of Devastation, could make it too oppressing. A new list of the deck can be seen here.

Coming soon, in your nearest booster pack

The video, which has over 40k views, has produced a lot of speculation, was retweeted several times and motivated lots of topics on major websites, like Reddit. At MTG Price, a tool to follow the price variation of cards, Mishra’s Bauble, an important piece of the deck, started to go down. And as usual, in discussions like these, there’s always someone to ask for the returning of some cards, like Jace, The Mind Sculptor.

Among brazilian professional players, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa got right to the point. “It shouldn’t be banned for now, the format looks pretty healthy”, he analyses. “Modern has a better deck now, but it is one that loses against a lot of other decks. Or, if they don’t win, there’s a competitive matchup”, said PV. Willy Edel and Carlos Romão also disagree with the banning.

Is Modern, after surviving the last two ban hammers, going to see the one-drop 13/13 be put next to Gitaxian Probe and  Golgari Grave-Troll, the last two cards that waved bye-bye to the format?

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