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Saporito is the Sealed’s champion in Vegas

One of the players with the most consistent results in recent years has finally won a title to crown a beautiful career. Thiago “Bolovo” Saporito had an almost perfect performance in the two days of the Sealed in GP Las Vegas. The 2562 player tournament marathon began on Friday, and the São Paulo player from Santo André has won eight games and had one draw, with a black and red deck. On Saturday, to reach the Top 8, Saporito won five more games and drew another, drafting, in the first three rounds, black and white, and black and red for the remaining three games. The three wins that made him undefeated champion were obtained again with the red and black combination.

Saporito spoke to the special envoy to Las Vegas, Fausto de Souza, between the rounds 14 and 15, shortly after being the first player to secure himself in the Top 8. He was calm, not feeling any pressure, and hoped to continue to draft well, as in the first draft of the day, when he opened a [mtg_card]Liliana, Death’s Majesty[/mtg_card] and in the other, where he picked a [mtg_card]Glorybringer[/mtg_card].

On thursday, during the GP Legacy

In the quarter-finals, he beat Chinese Bolun Zhang and played the semi-final with Californian Paul Herr. In the decision, Saporito faced no other than Steve Rubin, a player with seven top-8s in other Grand Prix events and Pro Tour champion at Pro Tour Shadows over Inninstrad. With the title, in addition to the trophy, Thiago Saporito won a prize of US$ 10,000.

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