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"Um spell por vez, por favor"

Vintage deck: UW Flash

Among the regulars of Magic: The Gathering’s big events there’s a person who never gets to play with his deck at the main events. This person invests in the game, has valuable decks, but no GPs or Pro Tours are available for his/her format. It’s the Vintage player, who takes advantage from these opportunities to play with his decks in tournaments that are getting rarer in his/her routine.

UW Flash Vintage, for those who don’t wanna be friends with anyone

One of these players is Ryan Maddux, of San Francisco. He went to Las Vegas to test his new deck, a UW Flash. “I don’t know if the deck is actually good, but since the field is centered on decks that try to do many things in a single turn, it’s built around a specific card: [mtg_card]Rule of Law[/mtg_card ]”, reveals. The goal is to let the game slow and, once that is achieved, you can take control, since it has more hard counters on the deck, and all creatures have flash. Basically, almost all spells can be played during the opponent’s turn”.

Maddux regrets that, with the [mtg_card]Gush[/mtg_card] restriction on Vintage, the deck’s draw engine is not as strong as it used to be. He then replaced Gush with [mtg_card]Fact or Fiction[/mtg_card] – uses two -, and still has [mtg_card]Brainstorm[/mtg_card], [mtg_card]Dig Through Time[/mtg_card] (also restricted in Vintage), and [mtg_card]Ancestral Recall[/mtg_card]. “But the deck really depends on [mtg_card]Jace, The Mind Sculptor[/mtg_card], and [mtg_card]Narset Transcendent[/mtg_card] to move on. So you have to be careful to play them, because with Rule of Law on the table, it is not possible to respond to counters”, recalls the player, who set up the deck trying to respond to as many decks as possible from the Vintage metagame.

Incomoda no Standard… e no Vintage!
[mtg_card]Spell Queller[/mtg_card] is on the deck because, with Rule of Law on play, it becames a hard counter. “This is the deck with most hard counters in the format. As long as the Rule of Law is on the table, there are 14, with [mtg_card]Flusterstorm[/mtg_card] on the sideboard”. And Rule of Law is on the slot from [mtg_card]Arcane Laboratory[/mtg_card], which is blue, to evade [mtg_card]Pyroblast[/mtg_card].

And where the deck cannot be strong, like against decks with [mtg_card]Oath of Druids[/mtg_card], the sideboard tries to solve. “Jace usually screws Oath, but there are three [mtg_card]Grafdigger’s Cage[/mtg_card] to fight against this deck”. Against prison decks, which are very strong in Vintage, there are [mtg_card]Engineered Explosives[/mtg_card], “because all cards that form Prison cost two mana, and the only UW Flash permanent that costs two is [mtg_card ]Rest in Peace[/mtg_card], and is at the sideboard. To settle things up, the deck has [mtg_card]Swords to Plowshares[/mtg_card], because if you play white you have to play Swords to Plowshares”, predicts Maddux.

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