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Weekly Review

Hello my dear friends, good morning to you! I would like to take today’s column to make a short brief from the week, starting by last Sunday, when we officially released Eternal Magic of ours. We started the editorial endeavor with full support from the team, which has unfolded into simultaneously covering three tournaments on Legacy format (you can access it by clicking here), set in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Blumenau.

As a result of this initial coverage, we have published 4 reports, in english and portuguese, several Facebook posts and dozens of pictures. At this very day we put in an exclusive interview with one of the game’s most iconic figures, Mr. Mark Poole, who told us about his work as an artist inside Magic: The Gathering’s initial team. All collumnists had published their first articles, and is worth to remember that we already have specialized content on Commander, Pauper, Legacy e Modern.

The first bilingual journalistic website about eternal formats – In its entirety, Eternal Magic already sums up 26 published texts, making the effort to cover some of the main MTG events taken around the country, like the main Legacy leagues and two important tournaments on Modern format (Mhysteria and Impact), both set in Rio de Janeiro. And we are noticing all sailors on board: we are gathering specific material about casual games as well, from the ones that happen inside home, with kitchen-set rules, when your friend gets up from the table to act the wizard gestures as he casts a Spell Blast , to the free-entrance tournaments with the begniner or non-competitive folks.

The good news won’t stop coming. Only during this first week, we have been contacted by three event organizers, who had requested coverage and marketing services for their tournaments. If you also understand that a professional communication work is important for the sucess of your event, feel free to send us an e-mail to request our services:

We already have our tickets bought for the GP São Paulo, which will be taken between August 11 and 13, but before that happens, we will accompany the finals of Circuito Ligamagic on July 22 and 23, also in São Paulo. In September 2nd, we’ll be at the lovely city of São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, for the Open Legacy, which will award R$ 4.000,00 + bye3 for the Nacional Legacy to the winner of the main event, plus some more byes and many awards at the sidevents. Soon you will be able to buy your ticket right here, in our online store. Lastly, we will bring you all the news from Nacional Legacy, which will happen in November, and we will be watchful for the Eternal Weekend North America, set for October, in the USA.

But in June the eyes of the world will be focused in Las Vegas, where no less than 3 consecutive GP’s will befall: Legacy, Limited and Modern. The city with the highest records comes back to the eye of the hurricane and, of course, we’ll bring all the fresh news about it to our readers.

All this dedication from Eternal Magic‘s crew ended up by getting some attention from Wizards of the Coast, which, through their official website, said they had recognized the “great job” and reccomended our website for the whole comunnity. The same excerpt highlights Willy Edel, one of our dearest counsellors, as one of the game’s biggest personalities nowadays. acabou chamando a atenção da Wizards of the Coast, que em seu site oficial reconheceu o “ótimo trabalho” e sugeriu aos internautas que viessem nos conhecer. O mesmo texto destaca Willy Edel, conselheiro do Eternal Magic, como uma das maiores personalidades do jogo na atualidade.

We didn’t expect so much in just one week, but we will surely strive in double from now on. As said on the presentation text, or goal will always be to offer our readers the highest quality content, such as the reports, the interviews, the articles and the tournaments briefs you had seen and will continue to see around here.

A big hug from

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