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CLM9 Legacy Finals: what to expect

Welcome duelists of multiverse, one more week coming and another article here in Duels in Time for Eternal Magic. This week I’ll talk about a tournament that just got in in Legacy, and will be remarkable: 9° Circuito Ligamagic – Legacy.

For those who don’t know, the Circuito Ligamagic is a series of five small tournaments, grading the top8 able to fight for the two slots at the finals, with prize money. Those tournaments are played in local stores around the country, and the last round, with the best qualified, is in São Paulo.

I’ll try to give some hints for those who are qualified, or those who wishes to play the side events and want to know more about the expected metagame. The first warning is: expect the unexpectable.

This could seems obvious, but it isn’t, and I’ll clarify above.

When observing the deck lists of those who won the tournaments on local stores, I could notice a huge variance on it, even in top8s with a lot of tier 1s. This could surprise some, but, in fact, is just a mirror of what Legacy is.

Sometimes people want to play with their pet decks, that are not detected by the radar, but has a lot os non-expected interactions even for the most experienced players.

<<Decks used to qualify for the finals in São Paulo>>

There are tournaments running by now, and other ones didn’t delivered their deck lists. As expected, grixis is the deck with more presence.

Just above him, we have Esper Stoneblade, Jund, Junk, RUG Delver and UR Delver. Those are old friends, and except delver, they are midranges very well prepared for combat.

In last place we got Bant Stoneblade, Reanimator, BUG Control, Burn, Cephalid Breakfast, Eldrazi, Elves, Eternal Garden, Fractius, Jeskai Stoneblade, Lantern Control, Maverick, Merfolks, Mono Red Control, Mono Red Sneak Attack, Shardless BUG, Sneak and Show, UB Standstill, UR Control and UW Stoneblade.

Among them I’ll like to highlight these decks:

Cephalid Breakfast: it’s a fast combo that uses blue for control and search for their pieces. It reaches victory when putting together Cephalid Illusionist and Shaman en-Kor, turning your own library into graveyard and winning with Laboratory Maniac

Lantern Control: This is a deck born in Modern, and lots of fans are trying it in Legacy. It is a hard control which make some locks to stop your opponents plays. Has lots of low cost cards and don’t have room to exchange lots of resources.

UB Standstill: Since ([mtg_card]Sensei’s Divining Top[/mtg_card]) banning, somehow, ([mtg_card]Standstill[/mtg_card]) got back to the show, and she liked the company of manlands and planeswalkers, to buy some time and forcing your opponent to give you 3 draws.

Fractius: An old tribal that is getting into shape recently. The game plan is to make a lot of fractious that helps each other to get stronger and hit with evasion. Its quite simple, and very efficient.

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Besides those decks, we can’t forget Death & Taxes, Maverick / Dark Maverick, Sneak & Show, Merfolks, among other with appearing on foreign tournaments.

Overall, we can see how diverse is the probable metagame for the finals of CLM9 in São Paulo, but is true to say that’s a huge opportunity to prepare for the National Legacy and, of course, see again old friends of the whole country and have a lot of fun.

See you next week.

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