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Legacy, Wizards and Brazil

This was one of the most lavish advertising weeks by Wizards, most of which were received with great joy by the Brazilian community.

The first and most important perhaps is the inclusion of Legacy in the next year’s birthday Pro Tour; even if it is in three-player team format (each one of the team with a deck of a different format) this is a great achievement for lovers of this format, made unprecedented in the History of Magic.

The second of them was the release of the GPs’ agenda for the first half of next year, and here again we notice a considerable increase in Legacy tournaments among the main events. There will be 4 exclusive + 4 in three-player format (in previous years we only had 3 tournaments in that format).

Wizards also announced the addition of a new category to its competitive player club: Bronze, which joins Silver, Gold and Platinum. This news was associated with the change in the composition rule of these groups. Annual before, now a new club will be set up each season, that is, four times a year.

On a more casual level, stores will continue to receive incentives to host tournaments, such as welcome kits, starter kits and promotional cards. An excellent news is the maintenance and strengthening of Open House, event for beginners that have been a great leisure option for families to take their children and nephews. Magic, when well used, can be used to develop reasoning in children and adolescents, as well as chess.

BRAZIL UNDER THE LOOK OF WIZARDS – But it was not all flowers. Part of the community complained a lot about the reduction of two to a single GP in Brazil in 2018. There was tweets and angry posts on Facebook, generating hundreds of comments and a whirlwind of criticism. Some rightly, but the overwhelming majority lost the line and dropped to the irrational arguing, even among players, in a kind of Fla-Flu of formats.

Of course, no one is happy to stop holding an event like this, literally the biggest Magic party. However, it must be remembered that this oscillation has been quite frequent in recent years. In 2015, there were two GPs, in 2016 we had only one. This year again two and, next year, we come back to one.

If on one hand Wizards does not give due attention to Brazil and Latin America – on what I agree – on the other, let us be honest: the Brazilian community must, first of all, organize itself. Then, yes, present your claims to the company with any chance of success.

We have an incredible, huge country with extremely creative people. We have one of the largest consumer markets in the world! Our growth potential is much higher than in other countries, which have nowhere else to go. Only with the union of shopkeepers, players (casual and competitive), independent organizers and the company’s office in Brazil we can make the game grow here.

OPEN LEGACY SÃO LOURENÇO – We are entering the last week of July and, with it, the opportunity to sign up for this event with payment by credit card ends. If you have already decided to go, go ahead and make your application. If you have not decided yet, save the date, September 2, and visit the Hotsite to answer all your questions.

Remembering that the tournament will give bye3 to the National Legacy and 4 thousand reais in cash.

NEW STORES – Eternal Magic enthusiastically welcomes the opening of two new Magic stores in the country. Mana, Meeples & Orcs, in Rio de Janeiro, and Asgard, in Brasilia. We wish you every success and please remember to send your events to our tournament schedule!

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