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Our Weekly Review at Eternal Magic

We closed last week and started this one with good news: while more than 100 players participated in Legacy tournaments in Recife (PE), Itajaí (SC) and Novo Hamburgo (RS), this Eternal Magic was quoted in Blake Rasmussen’s Daily Magic Update column, on the official Wizards of the Coast website.

The columnist highlighted the interview we did with Rob Alexander, author of the illustrations of old duals, shock lands, fetch lands, among other icon cards of more than a generation.

Rob spoke of the beginning of his work at Wizards, commented on the impact of technology on the work of artists and discussed one of the aspects that, in his opinion, is decisive: the effect of light on the surface of the screen.

The next day we uploaded the article by Mateus Nogueira, who in his Command Beacon has become, in fact, a beacon for those who wish to learn more about Commander – I already consider him one of the main Brazilian writers with regard to the production of content aimed to this format. This time he began the analysis of control strategies, whose continuation will be on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

BIG PREMIERE – We also had the great debut of Raphael Prais, who will be our Modern specialized columnist. First of all, it is important to emphasize: he’s a great human figure. One of those guys to whom you want to exchange ideas with, play some fun games or train for a championship. But not only that. Prais has the strange habit of winning tournaments, compulsively, regardless of the format. Be very welcome!

In the Legacy’s court, our master Erick Santos analyzes, in his Duels in Time the strategies and decks that shone so much in other formats that had to be banned due to the power of its cards, but… They’ve found a place in the sun precisely in this format we all love.

OPEN LEGACY SÃO LOURENÇO – There are still 50 days left for the Open Legacy São Lourenço. And… The event is already a success! With more than 20 players registered despite all this distance, the tournament will give bye3 to the National Legacy and will distribute 4,000 reais in cash to the Top8. You have not secured your place yet? Just visit our online store to buy the ticket with a 30% discount (last days), and you can pay with a direct bank transfer or Pagseguro.

Speaking of Legacy, whoever is in Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the format should be aware: now in August, more precisely on the 18th, we will have the Super Alpha, with a Volcanic Island for the champion, Tundra for the vice, Scrubland for the top4 , Taiga and Plateau for the top8, plus alpha and beta basic lands for the top16, door prize of a Guru Land (Forest) and many other attractions. Tickets can also be purchased here at our store.

Finally, I highly recommend a visit to the article by Marco Morelli, in his column Damage on the stack, in which he proposes a series of “challenges” to the players, with the most complicated interactions possible (yes, Humility is there in the midst of that whirlwind of layers). Whether or not you’re a judge, I am sure you will learn a lot!

ADVERTISE WITH US – We have finished the ad table for August and there are very few left to sell. If you have a store and want to promote your website or events, please contact us at marketing@eternalmagic.com.br. We have the right plan to leverage your sales and give visibility to your brand.

EVENTS AGENDA – Readers are invited to know our calendar and check out the next tournaments. Remembering that this space is open so that all organizers and shopkeepers can advertise their tournaments for free. Sending information can be done via e-mail (eternalmagic@eternalmagic.com.br) or by message on our Facebook page.

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