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Our weekly Review on Eternal Magic

This was a prodigal week in a matter of news and novelties. We published our second Deck Tech in video, in a collaborative work of Carlos Francischetti and Thiago Duarte, who explained the Esper Stoneblade’s operating functions on Legacy (click here to watch).

And it was with great joy that we announced the creation of a space for event planners here at the Eternal Magic. A specially developed agenda for all players to have access to the closest nearby tournaments. Just by visiting the site you’ll be able to know where to play Modern, Legacy, or even that for fun Commander. You can acess the service here.

Throughout the week, in addition to the tournaments that we accompanied throughout Brazil, we also had a Hall of Famer requesting a card ban, an assaulted load with material from Hour of Devastation pre-release, an article with a Wizards designer and the new edition spoilers that are about to invade Modern and Commander, as well as paying a visit to Legacy and Vintage.

Gavin Verhey, WoTC designer. Photo by Fausto de Souza

Verhey spoke exclusively to Eternal Magic during the GP Las Vegas. The creator of Modern explained the role of developers in the game, said Legacy was excellent after the banning Top and commented that Magic’s success lies in its versatility: “There are more than 100 games in one! If you want to play the ‘flavor game’, read the stories, find out the characters, you can. Want to be competitive, compete for championships? You can. Play at the kitchen table? Okay. Not to mention drafts, sealed, Standard… everything is available”. <<Click here to read the full article>>

Louis Scott-Vargas, from ChannelFireBall, has openly called for a ban on Death Shadow, a deck that has come to stand out as the best in the Modern format. According to him, with the printing of Claim // Fame in Hour of Devastation, the deck, which made almost half of the Top16 of GP Vegas, would be out of control. Click here for Paulo de Tarso’s article about it.

Coming soon, in your nearest booster pack

If on one side the debate was the banning of a card, on the other it was the abandonment of security. A load from Coqui Hobby Brazil was stolen, but the company acted fast and guaranteed the replacement in time for Brazilian shopkeepers to hold the pre-tournament tournaments, maintained for the weekend of July 8.

Among the good news was the first stage of the Lampions League, a Legacy tournament that brings together players from Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco (the next stage is already scheduled for July 9 click here to check it out.

The tournament in the northeast region signals a resurgence of the eternal formats around there, where players need to overcome great distances to meet each other. If you remain firm in the upcoming months we can have a strong presence of the northeastern friends at Open São Lourenço and Nacional Legacy.

Open São Lourenço and Nacional Legacy – By the way, the Open Legacy São Lourenço began to take shape. With the subscriptions opened here in at Eternal Magic, players have already confirmed attendance at the event that will distribute R$ 4,000 in prize + bye 3 for the Nacional Legacy + gifts for participants To subscribe click here.

This week, our columnists highlight were to Nacional Legacy, with Erick Santos starting the countdown for the event (read here), and the part II of Commander archetyoes, at Command Beacon, column by Mateus Nogueira.

In addition to Claim // Fame, other cards that caught the attention of the people who enjoy eternal formats were Solemnity, Tragic Lesson and Mirage Mirror. The first is actually already being quoted to enter Enchantress, due to its interaction with Elephant Grass. Its applicability with Dark Depths was also considered, although it is slower than the current ways of unfreezing Marit Lage.

Tragic Lesson can be a good card advantage tool in Pauper, gaining more value if you return to the hand lands that take effect as you enter the battlefield. In Vintage, it can be a cantrip option for control decks (saving a land from destruction) or even for combos (it seems pretty strong to return to a Tolarian Academy and generate twice the mana).

Finally, Mirage Mirror, strong candidate for Commander, because of its multiple possibilities and very low cost to copy any permanent except planeswalker.

Stay tuned: next week we’ll have more exclusive content produced in Las Vegas, as an incredible interview with Rob Alexander, artist who did several fetch and shock lands, plus the iconic Underground Sea, Taiga and Badlands. You will also see the coverage of the most important tournaments in the country, plus an edition of the column Paupiteio analyzing the main additions of Hour of Devastation for Pauper and more!

Rob Alexander eternalizes his art in a beautiful playmat 🙂 Photo by Fausto de Souza


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