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The union of two passions: Magic and Journalism

Eternal Magic was born with a very well defined goal: to produce quality information about the Magic The Gathering universe. We are the first bilingual Brazilian game news site with an emphasis on eternal formats. In this sense, we have carried out the journalistic coverage of events in Brazil and in the world, with news of exclusive interest of the readers.

The reports, stories and interviews are produced and edited by professional journalists and our content is complemented by articles from some of the best columnists we have in the country – whose texts do not disappoint foreigners.

Reid Duke was one of the first interviewed by Eternal Magic

Our product – the information – results from the union of our two passions: Magic and Reporting. Journalism, too, with capital J, is our driving force. It is our vocation. Magic, in turn, is what unites us. It was through this game that we met, and so we are together here at Eternal Magic, walking arm in arm with the goal of bringing quality information to everyone.

Thanks to this professional commitment, in just over a month of existence we have achieved impressive results. And the numbers speak for themselves. No less than 30 thousand page views were generated by 9 thousand unique users who came to know us. During the coverage of GP Las Vegas we had an impressive 120% increase in accesses to the site and our page on Facebook is reaching a thousand likes with enormous commitment of internet users. These data show that the community welcomed us with open arms, as this note shows on the official Wizards website.

Note on Wizards official website: “Excelent content”

But best of all is the quality of the access. Each reader who seeks information through Eternal Magic is, on average, 2 and a half minutes browsing the site. This is a lot, especially if we consider that we do not have automatic F5 – that is, our numbers are solid, since there is no chance that the same user may generate more than one page view unintentionally. If he’s on the site, his full attention is focused on him, reading and seeing what we publish.

In our short time we aired about 90 stories, among reports, interviews and articles. And we’re just getting started. We have bold plans, such as covering the GP São Paulo, now in August, and the Eternal Weekend, in October. We are also committed to the dissemination and coverage of the Circuito Ligamagic, on September 22nd and 23rd, of the Legacy São Lourenço Open in September and the National Legacy in November.

Rob Alexander, author of old duals, fetchs and shock lands, illustrating an Eternal Magic playmat.

All support will be welcomed – The maintenance of all this work has a cost, which is not low. That’s why we turn to sponsors, who can be companies or even readers themselves. All support is welcome!

Regarding collective funding, of course, readers keep the site functioning because they think it’s important that it exists. Regarding stores, it’s like a guided shot: it reaches the best audience you can have, precisely the one that spends more time browsing the site and, therefore, more susceptible to viewing your brand.

If you have a company or institution linked to Magic and have not yet received our contact, write to us and about the possibilities we offer for the promotion of your brand: marketing@eternalmagic.com.br.

Friends and readers who wish to contribute to the funding of Eternal Magic news coverage can contact us and we will send the necessary information: eternalmagic@eternalmagic.com.br.

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