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Alpha Legacy gathers 96 players in Rio de Janeiro

Who passed around Sulamerica Convention Center this saturday (19), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), were between happy and scary. Among those who were happy, of course, the 96 players that joined the biggest Legacy tournament along many years – Super Alpha – with prizes for top24, including old duals for the top8.

Those scary guys was the workers of the Convention Center, who were curious to know what was happening on the room, and the other ones that believed (some still believe) Legacy is dead and, apparently, were staring at 96 zombies.

That’s it: almost 100 people gathered during the 24th edition of Alpha Legacy, coinciding with the anniversary of Magic the Gathering. Organized by Rodrigo Sousa “Marajá” and Felipe Duarte, with Max Minato’s support, we had seven rounds of fun, without forgetting the fair play competitiveness that’s already a remark of the regular editions played at Magic Store Brasil.

Lots of players came from downtown, other ones from the Mountain Region (Petrópolis and Teresópolis), but some other players came from longer distances, like the CEO of Ivory Tower, Magic store located at Macaé, 2h30 away from the capital, Levi Constâncio.

“In Macaé we gathered to practice, with players from Araruama, Rio das Ostras, Cabo Frio [Lakes Region]. Today we are here to receive that big trophy and take it home”, says him, who played Esper Blade.

Asked about his guess to Top8, he said: “Eight players from Macaé”. But his prediction didn’t come true: there were players from Niterói, from the capital, from Teresópolis, lot’s of places, but non of them from the Lakes Region.

Big champion this night was André Felipe Sampaio, with his classic Jund, again, since he also won in march. But this time not only the trophy was bigger. André got a Volcanic Island and free subscription plus byes to Open Legacy São Lourenço, that will take place in Minas Gerais next September 2, and to Nacional Legacy, there will take place in November 25-26.

André reached the finals with no losses, facing Gustavo Castilho’s Death And Taxes, which had, at that point, a very consistent 5-0-1. Game one was a tribute into taxes, literally, with wastelands getting Jund held in his knees. In game two, André performed an incredible come back from 4 life (against 36 of his opponent) to control the board with Liliana of the Veil, Dark Confidant and Deathrite Shaman. The match ended tied, what made possible to assure that anyone else could reach André in the most sought after trophy of Legacy in Rio.

“I didn’t think I could get that far. I was winning, and when I was 5-0 I thought: ‘If I win another one, at least I can have something to represent”, says the champion a few seconds after his conquer, still very excited.

He told that faced Storm and BR Reanimator, losing the first game in both matchs. “Side was very important”, he cheers. “After that I thought that could have won bad matchs and would loose the good ones”, he says, very happy because it didn’t became true.

Top8 Super Alpha Legacy

1º Andre Felipe Sampaio – Jund
2º Rafael Simonelli – Miracles
3º Luiz Marins – Sneak and Show
4º Mauro Edi – UR Delver
5º Gustavo Castilho – Death and Taxes
6º Phellipe Ribeiro – Grixis Delver
7º Frank William Melo – Grixis Delver
8º Felipe Alheiro – Big Red


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