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Ele não se cansa de ganhar.

The best of the world

He has won the Pro Tour twice, has two GP titles and was Brazil’s national champion twice. He is the second player with the most Pro Tour Top 8 finishes in history (he got there 12 times and was Top 8 in 19 GPs). Even before the Pro Tour Kyoto, which he just won, he was the third player with the most awards in Magic: The Gathering. He was nominated for the Hall of Fame of the game in the first year that he was eligible (2012) and was also the youngest in history to reach the 300 Lifetime Pro Points. And all this, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, the Brazilian known as PV, done before the age of 30, which he will be on September 29th.

Magic’s 2017 Player of the Year impresses the entire sports community by his early achievements and consistency. On top of all that, he’s still one of the game’s most respected writers, periodically writing columns for Channel Fireball website. In Kyoto, when everyone assumed that the prize would go to the Portuguese, Márcio Carvalho, it was a surprise seeing PV winning exciting games, with unbelievable turns, until reaching the final with a lot of emotion, and win it. To Wizards’ website, still a bit overwhelmed by the achievement, he said: “That means a lot. I mean, out of all players this year, I was the best!”

In the last Pro Tour of the year, PV, who in 2017 has made two Top 4 in GPs and placed sixth in Pro Tour Dublin, piloted a mono-red in Standard that ended up performing better than the other four Red Deck Wins that were in Top 8. At the end of three excruciating days, the boy who started playing Magic at the age of eight in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, reached the top of the world. What will be his next feat?

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