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Anti-Magic Aura

Dear colleagues, something pretty bad happened recently. So bad that concern every single one of us, and because of that I have decided to share it with you. One friend of mine have written a report about a tournament which he have won, and was going to post on a certain website. But the system of this website forbid the text to be published, claiming that it contained some “forbidden words” (we have a print screen).

In this case, the forbidden word was the URL of our page: www.eternalmagic.com.br. That’s right, our recently-created journalistic website about Magic the Gathering, which in less than 3 months have interviewed great names such as DanFrazier,Mark Poole, Reid Duke, Thiago Saporito, Rob Alexander, Patrick Chapin, and many others.

In this same period of time, we made several big coverages, such as the GP Las Vegas, and advertised Brazilian tournaments as much as we could, because we think that the Brazilian players are valuable ones, and need to be on the spotlight. Everything here was made with professional journalistic quality, one of our main advantages.

Can it be some specific policy of this website to forbid links? Maybe. Can it be related to something about the MTG universe? Also possible, but for what reason? The bottom line is that we were surprised with this information. We were placed on the list of forbidden names of another website, the completely opposite of what we believe as content creators: Give visibility to every good initiative related to this card game that we all love!

Until now we avoided to do so, but it is hard not to compare with the index created by the catholic church. That’s right, that list of forbidden text on the dark age, created by the church to deny to the population the right to think, in order to disseminate their dogmas easier by intimidating their search for knowledge and spreading the fear of heresy.

For god sake! Those times are gone! Right? The first official edition of the index was implemented on the year of 1559 by the pope Paulo the 4th, had 550 censored titles. The 32th and last edition, from 1948, had 4 thousand titles. Old things right? But it seems that some people, in the middle of the 21st century, are still with their minds on the middle age.

Unfortunately my friends, we are being boycotted by this website. For what reason I do not know, really. Even because we always refer to them with the given respect and never impeded the publication of their name in our page, as we will never do with anyone else.

In 1st place, would not be ethical, and that is not the way we work. In 2nd place that would elevate them to a category that they do not possess.

It’s worth noting that the index Librorum Prohibitorum was one list of publications prohibited for being considered heretical and with divergent thinking.

Thomas Hobbes, Alexandre Dumas, Gustave Flaubert, René descartes and Victor Hugo were some of the names considered dammed by the medieval church. As we all know, fortunately, the human kind have evolved in favor of the open access of knowledge of those authors, studied nowadays on the best universities all over the world.

In time: In 1966, the document was extinct by the Pope Paulo the 6th. It is always time to evolve folks!


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Fausto de Souza é pseudônimo do jornalista Marcelo Salles, que joga e coleciona desde 1994. Viciado nas cartinhas e em escrever, tem feito grandes amigos em toda a comunidade e é muito grato por isso.

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