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About Us

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Eternal Magic has the goal to produce journalistic content regarding the main events of Magic: The Gathering all over Brazil and, whenever is possible, also the rest of the world.

Through reports, interviews and articles, we want to bring down qualified information to our readers about the universe of this card game.

With an experienced team of reporters and columnists, our coverage will extend throughout the many different formats inside Magic: The Gathering, with emphasis on eternal formats.

If you want to suggest any topic or schedule, please feel comfortable to contact us.

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Willy Edel
Paulo de Tarso (Coordinator)
Nathalia Carneiro
Arthur Cesar
Rodrigo Sousa
Alex Wehrmeister
Thiago Mata Duarte
Marcello Fernando Zwetsch
Rafael Obrusnik
Mateus Nogueira
Erick Santos
Fausto de Souza
Diego Nunes
Nicolau Maldonado
Alex Martins Araújo