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Commander archetypes: Midrange (Part 2)

Hello ladies and gentleman! Welcome to Command Beacon, our column on multiplayer Commander here on Eternal Magic! Today we will continue with the archetypes of the Midrange strategy, initiated in the previous article. Reminiscing: Midrange Decks have the flexibility to adapt to different game situations, alternating between a reactive or proactive posture. …

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Commander Archetypes: Midrange (Part 1)

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to Command Beacon, our column on Multiplayer Commander here on Eternal Magic! In the last articles, I introduced relevant concepts to work with the archetypes and then I talked about aggressive strategies. Today we will continue the archetypes in the commander by entering the Midrange strategy. …

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It was one of those “close call” defeats

Las Vegas – Felipe Alberto was very close from achieving the victory against Craig Wescoe (EUA) and be among the 30 top placed at GP Modern Vegas, but his Combo Druid deck (Abzan) wasn’t match for his opponent’s GW Hatebears. “I won the first game pretty quick, because I got …

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Patrick Chapin, multi-man

Among his many talents, Patrick Chapin is an outstanding Magic player and a great broadcaster, as one accompanying the Las Vegas GP through Twitch can see. As a young sportsman, a serious injury left him out of the sports that required the physical part. “There I started to play Magic …

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Mark Tedin, Lord of Art

Mark Tedin is one of the artists who worked at Wizards of the Coast since before Magic: The Gathering. As soon as he graduated in St. Louis, he moved to Seattle and, alerted by a colleague of his, Anson Maddocks (author of Sengir Vampire art and 112 other cards), that …

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Last round in Legacy, Sealed starts to boil

Las Vegas – Four out of the five Brazilians have 27 points after 14 swiss rounds in the Legacy main event at the Las Vegas GP and are struggling to reach 30 points, or 10 wins. Jonathan Melamed, in the tiebreaker, is the best placed among the Brazilians, occupying the …

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