domingo , agosto 9 2020
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Best commons in Hour of Devastation

Some interested cards showed up on Hour of Devastation’s spoiler, and this will be the focous of our analysis this week. I’ll highlight some important data, as well I will post my thoughts about this edition and, at least, the potential of some cards. There were released 70 commons, besides …

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Black’s most aggressive face

Today’s article is about the Suicide Black pauper deck, an aggro that takes about every explosive thing that the black color has to offer. More experienced players will feel the nostalgia in the air, because the deck exists since the first days of MTG and here it’s only a little …

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Amonkhet’s impact on Pauper

By Diego Nunes The Egyptian theme is pretty wide and is bringing many interesting stuff. In the plane of Amonkhet we’ll have Nicol Bolas, new gods and White zombies. White? Yes, now they exist, and all of them are commons.The cycling mechanics and -1/-1 counters are back, while Embalm, Exert …

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