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Archetype in Commander: Control (Part 2)

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to Command Beacon, our weekly commander multiplayer here in Eternal Magic! Last week I talked about the archetypes in Control, as well as its game plan. Shortly: decks in this family has the goal to restrict the opponents game plans until reaching an absolute controle …

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Commander archetypes: Midrange (Part 2)

Hello ladies and gentleman! Welcome to Command Beacon, our column on multiplayer Commander here on Eternal Magic! Today we will continue with the archetypes of the Midrange strategy, initiated in the previous article. Reminiscing: Midrange Decks have the flexibility to adapt to different game situations, alternating between a reactive or proactive posture. …

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Commander Archetypes: Midrange (Part 1)

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to Command Beacon, our column on Multiplayer Commander here on Eternal Magic! In the last articles, I introduced relevant concepts to work with the archetypes and then I talked about aggressive strategies. Today we will continue the archetypes in the commander by entering the Midrange strategy. …

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