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Weekly Review

Hello my dear friends, good morning to you! I would like to take today’s column to make a short brief from the week, starting by last Sunday, when we officially released Eternal Magic of ours. We started the editorial endeavor with full support from the team, which has unfolded into simultaneously …

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Portal MTG will held first Impact Modern this Saturday

Portal MTG store, next to Catete’s subway, in Rio de Janeiro, will held this Saturday, June 3rd, the first edition of Impact Modern. The winner will get a [mtg_card]Noble Hierarch[/mtg_card] and an exclusive Eternal Magic playmat. The other competitors who reach Top8 will receive the following prizes, which, according to organizers, can be …

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Infinite mana for the win!

I started thinking this deck through as soon as I checked on the first postings in social networks, showing the possibility of infinite green mana with [mtg_card]Vizier of Remedies[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Devoted Druid[/mtg_card]. Two creatures, one green and the other white, both with a CMC of 2, would be enough to fill up your …

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Storm takes the cup in Mhysteria Modern’s 3rd Edition

After the storm, more storm. In the first big Modern tournament held in Rio de Janeiro after the ban on [mtg_card]Gitaxian Probe[/mtg_card], Raphael Prais had taken the trophy by masterfully piloting his UR Storm. He simply did not give a chance to the 41 other competitors who have been dueling …

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ARTICLE: Abzan Traverse in Modern

By Willy Edel (*) At first, the last round of Modern bans made BGx midrange decks slightly worse since some of your best matchups (Infect, old style Death’s Shadow) disappeared and, even worse, these decks used to put in check our main predators: big mana decks (Tron and Scapeshift). But …

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