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National Legacy 2017 will distribute R$ 10,000 in prizes

The guidelines for the largest Legacy tournament in Brazil, to be held at Domain Games between November 24 and 26, in the city of São Paulo (SP), were announced this week. The main tournament will be open to the participation of all players and will distribute R$ 10,000.00 in cash …

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Stop Top

About [mtg_card]Sensei’s Divining Top[/mtg_card] being banned, our modest analysis: Wizards attention towards Legacy Despite the amazing latest contributions, from special editions to staples printed in Commander decks, many still insist that the company doesn’t care with the format. After the Banned and Restricted List update from today, this argument suffers …

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ARTICLE: Abzan Traverse in Modern

By Willy Edel (*) At first, the last round of Modern bans made BGx midrange decks slightly worse since some of your best matchups (Infect, old style Death’s Shadow) disappeared and, even worse, these decks used to put in check our main predators: big mana decks (Tron and Scapeshift). But …

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Amonkhet’s impact on Pauper

By Diego Nunes The Egyptian theme is pretty wide and is bringing many interesting stuff. In the plane of Amonkhet we’ll have Nicol Bolas, new gods and White zombies. White? Yes, now they exist, and all of them are commons.The cycling mechanics and -1/-1 counters are back, while Embalm, Exert …

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“God Hand” will be about deck building in Magic: The Gathering, a card game I met in 1994 and have been collecting since then. Of course achieving a perfect deck is kind of a contradiction because, as we know, all decks, even the most consistent, have their weaknesses and bad …

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